• Can I bring a friend?

You can bring up to 3 guests, as long as you let us know in advance!

  • What is the policy on tips?

Tips are always welcome, but never expected! Your artist may accept cash, house plants, art, or any other tokens of appreciation.

  • What are your policies regarding covid-19?

Masks must remain on while in the space. Some artists choose to rapid test themselves prior to appointment, and while encouraged it is not expected. Depending on your artist you may be asked to provide confirmation of your vaccine status. Covid-19 is a vascular contagion that causes clotting issues and may negatively affect the successful infection-free healing of your tattoo.


  1. Do not consume any alcohol, pills, powders, or hallucinogens before your tattoo. Abstain the night before if possible. 
  2. Hydrate!
  3. Eat a balanced wholesome meal.
  4. Shower thoroughly, however it is not necessary for you to shave the area you will have tattooed as your artist will redo the area.  This is a safety precaution against infection from impacted hairs, so your artist must shave the area regardless of whether you have already done so. 
  5. Confirm with your artist on the morning of your appointment. Last minute & same-day cancellations will result in the loss of your deposit. If you must reschedule, let your artist know immediately.
  6. Do not bring guests without prior approval.
  7. If possible, please complete a home RAT covid test.
  8. Wear clothing that allows easy access for your placement choice. White and light coloured clothing adjacent to the area being tattooed may become stained as a natural consequence of wiping away the ink. Do not wear anything you cannot risk getting stained.
  9. Let your artist know in advance about any health conditions you may have that can cause dizziness or lightheadedness, and provide a doctors note if you suffer from any conditions involving blood disorders, such as haemophilia, that can lead to complications. 
  10. Adhere to all the aftercare instructions provided to you by your artist. Failure to keep your tattoo properly treated during the healing phase may lead to lines falling out, patchiness, infection, or other visual imperfections that would otherwise not occur.